Glamour HA Skinboosters With Peptides & Glutathione 5 Syringes



Glamour HA Skinboosters | Mesotherapy treatment | Aqua Lifting
Mesotherapy treatment, also called Aqua Lifting, is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation method.Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is hyaluronic acid based on a unique nano mesh cross linked technology with a combination of glutathione and adenylic acid. The multi cross linked nano molecules structure enhances the maintenance of skin boosters within’ the mesoderm layer of the skin. Along with glutathione and adenylic acid, it will show the best result of skin whitening and reduce of fine lines.

Name: Glamour HA Skinboosters
Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid 60mg/3ml
Packaging: 3cc * 5 syringe/box
Needle: N/A
With this new innovative technology,Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is the only product that you do not need to add any other products to achieve the multi-function result. Glamour is the only hyaluronic acid skinboosters in the market with multi-function. One syringe of Glamour, not only just to keep your skin moisture and reduce fine lines. It also make your skin more brighten with even skin tone.Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters is unique in the market, we called the fourth-generation of Korean skinboosters.


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