Bellona PCL Serum Liquid Face Lift Online



Bellona PCL serum is  designed for taking care of mature or damaged skin, it is also called liquid face lift with deep moisturization. It exceeds any other gels and creams by its rejuvenating properties. It stimulates regeneration of cells, moisturizes, whitens the skin, stimulating collagen growth processes. After several procedures the skin becomes evenly toned, beautiful and more firm.

How to Use:

This cosmetological product is used as in mesotherapy method, please mix 2cc of saline in 1 vial of PCL serum, you can apply all over patient’s face with mesotherapy or micro needling method.  The best way is to mix 1 vial or Bellona PCL serum with 1 syringe of Glamour skin booster for better result.


* Dryness, flaccidity;
* Surface wrinkles;
* Pigment spots;
* Acne, post-acne.

Four mesotherapy sessions , please perform 1 session in every 28 days, 1 vial each session. 3 to 5 sessions each treatment.


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