BCN Lumen Peptides 5 X 5ml




BCN Lumen Peptides 5 X 5ml is a sterile solution based on a combination of 3 types of active principles for the treatment of pigmentation caused by hormones, due to the ageing process and/or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How it works

It acts at different levels of the metabolic process of the melanin synthesis in the skin, decreases melanogenic factors, inhibits melanogenesis, increases the cellular detoxification and reduces the melanosome transfer to the keratinocyte.

Thanks to the unique new generation peptides, it intervenes at a subcellular level by modulating the transcription of several melanogenesis key elements.

It also regulates the intra and intercellular communication and ensures cell survival.

BCN Lumen-Peptides adds other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals etc, providing a global anti-ageing treatment for a bright skin with a luminous, hydrated and uniform tone.

Product size

5 x 5ml

BCN Lumen Peptides 5 X 5ml


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